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Klein Group AS consists of a group of companies with various investments within the gaming industry, e-commerce companies, real estate as well as within various venture companies with exceptional prospects. Klein Group is controlled 100% by Mr Morten Klein.

The 14% ownership of the publicly listed Swedish gambling company Cherry AB, is by far the main investment vehicle of the Group and represents the continuation of the business corporation called NorgesAutomaten that Mr. Morten Klein ventured in 2006 together with Betsson AB and sold to Cherry AB in 2010.

Mr. Morten Klein is considered to be a highly recognized and reputable poker player winning the Norwegian Poker Championship several times as well obtaining numerous top placements in the European and World Poker Tour.

In 2012 Mr. Klein was acknowledged as one of the 50 most significant people in the world within the Gambling Industry by Gambling Intelligence.

Klein Group invests in the following vehicles and industries

Cherry AB

Klein Group is the lead investor of the publicly listed Swedish company Cherry AB. The company owns a total of 14% of the shares.

Cherry AB has offered gaming and gambling services since 1963. Cherry is currently a market leader within the Swedish restaurant casino industry and a leading provider of online slot machines directed towards the Scandinavian market. Cherry's logo, is a well-know trademark that symbolizes the small win that is often being paid out to happy players.

E-commerce companies

Klein Group is also the lead investor of the 2012 award winning e-commerce company ExtraOptical AS. With its highly innovative and contemporary e-commerce solution for selling glasses online, ExtraOptical has become one of the leading online providers of glasses in the Scandinavian marketplace. Currently ExtraOptical is operating a total of 7 European markets. Klein Groups controls 40% of the shares of ExtraOptical AS

Real Estate

Klein Group is currenty in the process of building a substantial portfolio of both residential and commercial properties in the greater Oslo area. The goal is to acquire a large number of residential properties over the next five years, as part of diversifying the Groups overall risk

For more information about our real estate business, please visit www.kleineiendom.no

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