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Klein Group AS
Key Personnel
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Morten Klein

Owner, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Parkveien 53B, 0256 Oslo, Norway

Post address:
Parkveien 53B, 0256 Oslo, Norway
General inquiries:

Aase Sunde

Executive Assistant to Morten Klein
E-mail: aase @
Phone: +47 977 33 778

E-mail: contact @
Corporate Web:

Organisation no:
993 562 556 MVA

Johan Assargård

E-mail: johan @
Phone: +47 469 43 280

Fabian Qvist

CIO/Head of Investments
E-mail: fabian.qvist @
Phone: +47 922 099 12

Erik Andersen

Head of Security
E-mail: erik.andersen @
Phone: +47 911 86 230

Former Police Officer who has been working with preventive Police issues in Oslo since 1982. Mr. Andersen held a position as Executive Officer for this department at Grønland Police Station before he started working for Klein Group as Head of Security. In 2016 he was awarded the OXLO prize by City Council Geir Lippestad.

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Name:Klein Group AS
Address:Parkveien 53B, 0256 Oslo
E-mail:contact @

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