QRTD (pronounced q-rated) is a social commerce marketplace powered by the passion of creators. This is the closest we can get to a democratized shopping platform, with QRTD’s goal of helping every creator turn their passion to profession.



A brand new social commerce marketplace where the shopping experience is 100% inspirational. QRTD facilitates profitable partnerships between Creators and Brands, where they easily establish their own curated digital storefronts in a matter of minutes.

Without the hassle of inventory management, shipping and returns, Creators can focus on what they do best; develop inspiring video content featuring products they love, share it with their followers on any social platform, and receive instant payment for every sale generated.

Brands benefit by making their product catalogue available to Creators, at scale, through a simple API. Choose the Creators you want to partner with, and let them do their magic of creating inspirational content featuring your products. With a business model based on actual sales, ROI is guaranteed.

Born 100% democratic and built for social, QRTD is the first platform to fully embrace person-to-person video commerce.

With the social commerce marketplace predicted to reach $2900 Billion globally by 2026 QRTD ’s mission is to enable Win-Win partnerships between Creators and Brands, unlocking unlimited earnings potential for Creators and a profitable sales solution for Brands. The future of Shopping is launching soon! Stay in touch as more updates are coming shortly. with us. If you both influence the same amount of sales, your earnings are also the same.