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Klein Group AS is a Norwegian company head-quartered in Oslo. Our main areas of business is to conduct high-yield stock investments, long-term real estate investments and consulting services to third party clients. 

Our vision is...

...to become a significant player within the European ecommerce industry”
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We invest in the following vehicles and industries

Klein Group is on a constant outlook for discovering and conducting great investments. However, what makes an investment great is a combination of several success factors such as the competence of the people involved, the scope and uniqeness of the underlying business as well as capital. .

Consequently Klein Group solely makes capital placements in ventures where we can contribute to growth by capitalizing on both invested capital as well as our organizational competence and know-how.

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Name:Klein Group AS
Address:Parkveien 53B, 0256 Oslo
E-mail:contact @ kleingroup.no

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