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Klein Group AS is a Norwegian company head-quartered in Oslo. Our main areas of business is to conduct high-yield stock investments, long-term real estate investments and consulting services to third party clients. 

Our vision is...

...to become a significant player within the European ecommerce industry”
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We invest in the following vehicles and industries

Klein Group are on the constant outlook for great investments. However, what makes an investment great is a combination of several success factors such as competence, capital and scope of the underlying business. .

Therefore - in order to increase the likelyhood of success and thus the likelyhood of making great investments, Klein Group solely makes capital placements in ventures where we can capitalize on both invested capital and organisational competence.

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Real Estate

Venture companies
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Name:Klein Group AS
Address:Parkveien 53B, 0256 Oslo
E-mail:morten @ klein.no

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