We invest in prosperous e-commerce, technology and gaming companies.

Klein Group is on a constant outlook for discovering and conducting great investments. However, what makes an investment great is a combination of several success factors such as the competence of the people involved, the scope and uniqueness of the underlying business as well as capital.

Consequently, Klein Group solely make investments in companies where we can contribute to growth by capitalizing on both invested capital as well as our organizational competence and know-how. This means our main focus are on investments within consulting, e-commerce, real-estate and venture companies with exceptional prospects.

Web3 & blockchain

Aurora3 is our web3 venture company run by Andre H Johnsen.

We believe in the power of decentralization to reshape industries, drive innovation, and create value in the digital economy of the future. By investing in companies at the forefront of Web3 and blockchain innovation, we aim to drive forward the democratization of data, enhance transparency, and empower individuals with greater control over their digital assets and identities. 

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Some of our investments.