Filippa Kuhnle Sekkelsten
January 5, 2024

AI trends of 2023

- In 2023, we witnessed the fastest-growing consumer apps of all time

AI has been a part of our technological landscape since the 1950s, with pioneers like John McCarthy and Geoffrey Hinton laying its foundations. Over the years, AI became a foundation in various sectors, from gaming to navigation systems. However, 2023 stands out as the year generative AI truly came into its own, driven by advancements in unsupervised large language models (LLMs) and enhanced computational power. In other words, AI has significantly advanced in independently understanding and generating language.

In 2023, we witnessed the fastest-growing consumer apps of all time


February 2023 ChatGPT was considered the fastest-growing consumer app of all time, gaining 100 million monthly users in just two months after its launch 30th of November 2022. You have probably tried ChatGPT yourself, but here is its definition: ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a conversational AI system that understands and responds to natural language queries in a way that is similar to human conversation. With its capability answering questions, engaging in small talk, providing information, and creating original content, it has extreme potential in numerous industries.  

Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT are driving significant transformations across industries by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and also nurturing innovation.  

Meta Threads

Meta’s Threads reached 100 million users in less than a week (70 million in two days) after its launch in July. Threads has around 120 million monthly active users, whereas ChatGPT has around 180 million active users. Zuckerberg states he thinks there’s a good chance the app could reach 1 billion users in the next couple of years. If you are wondering what Threads is: Threads is an online social media app for Instagram users to share text updates and join public conversations.

Zuckerberg states Meta will be increasingly focused on generative AI going forward. “We're going to continue deprioritizing a number of non-AI projects across the company to shift people towards working on AI instead,” Zuckerberg said. "Generative AI is going to transform meaningfully how people use each of the different apps that we build,” he said.

Here is a general list of trends we started seeing in 2023, which will continue growing in 2024:

  • Generative AI's Rapid Advancement:  

We have witnessed significant progress in text, video, image, and audio generation through generative AI.  

  • AI Democratization - Accessibility and Impact:  

Tools like ChatGPT illustrate this trend, making AI more accessible and user-friendly, and fundamentally changing how we communicate.

  • Integration of AI in Workplaces:  

AI will enhance productivity and create new job roles, pushing a shift in workforce skills. AI will revolutionize sectors like healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more, with scalable, accurate, and efficient solutions.

  • Enhanced and Amplified Personalization:  

AI's ability to offer tailored experiences will transform communication from mass to niche, as seen in platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and TikTok.

  • Digital Twins:  

Consumers have gotten pretty used to having avatars attached to their social media platforms. In the future we will see more accurate digital representations of ourselves, and others, enhancing virtual experiences.  

  • Increased Emphasis on AI Regulation and Ethics:  

With great power comes great responsibility. Geoffrey Hinton, known as the Godfather of AI, left Google to warn about the dangers of AI: “I left so that I could talk about the dangers of AI without considering how this impacts Google.” With AI's growing influence, the need for responsible regulation will become vital to address risks like privacy concerns, AI bias, misuse, deepfakes, automized jobs and much more.  


The ever-evolving landscape of AI is leading us into an era of transformative change and innovation, and we are excited to see new applications grow this year.

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AI has been around for a long time

AI trends of 2023