June 27, 2023

eXo Eyewear

- Clothing and merchandize has always been my passion. Especially sunglasses.

eXo eyewear just launched its eyewear collection with having a selected number of frames for sunglasses and glasses in different colours. Their goal has been to create long-lasting products with sustainability in focus.

"My background is from retail, and clothing and merchandize has always been my passion. Especially sunglasses". - Sophia Qvist, founder of eXo.  

Sophia's journey in fashion and entrepreneurship

“I was a buyer at H&M back in the day, and then became Product Manager at COS when they started up. We were only a few people from the first day, and watching it bloom and expand to what it is today is incredible. Learning different company sizes and your role in these has been a very valuable lesson, and has helped me in the startup process of eXo. It is such a big process to start something. It takes time, and you have to stay strong throughout all the stages in order to succeed.”  

In her previous proffesion, she had to commute a lot by plane. Onboard she started reflecting on the environmental impact of her travels, and she wanted to become more environmental conscious in her work.  

“15 years ago I started Slowmotion, an eco-friendly clothing brand, with a friend of mine. Sustainability was a relatively new focus at that time, and you could say that we were early adapters in this space.”

Every step in the production model has sustainability in focus.

The future looks bright when you wear eXo. The whole production model is thoroughly thought out to avoid unnecessary long-distance shipping and keeping CO2 footprint as low as possible. All Exo eyewear products are handmade at a small factory in Italy that has been in the same family for generations. The material they use is acetate, made from biodegradable plants. The case is made of pressed corn oil, and the paper box of recycled paper.  

Not only are their products sustainable, but also fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Visit their website to learn more about their products:

eXo Eyewear