November 13, 2022


- Where pioneers of Web3 meet their community

This week we attended the TOKEN2049 event in London. TOKEN2049 is a leading crypto event where executives and founders of top Web3 companies meet. The event takes place annually in London and Singapore, and we just came back with a whole new perspective of how Web3 will continue to grow in the coming years.

All tickets were sold out and the event had hit its full attendee capacity, meaning we were able to share the venue with thousands of industry leaders. The panels and keynote speeches were on the topics of the IBCs, DAOs, DeFi, Gaming and other interesting perspectives on how Web3 will influence our everyday lives in the future. 

It seemed the common denominator throughout all panels was the urgent necessity for a DeFi. FTX’s antics that came to light this week showed evermore why we need a transparent financial system. 

When entering Magazine London we noticed how big of a networking opportunity this was in regards to meeting people with detailed insights and interesting thoughts on how decentralization, Web3 and crypto will develop. We were pleased to meet fellow investors and developers in the Web3 space who also aim for a safe user experience and rewarding users, and it will be very interesting to see how they continue to grow.

One of the highlights of the event was saved for the last day when Google announced their collaboration with the Aptos blockchain (formally Libra). Google has further increased their presence in Web3 by partnering up with Aptos Labs, letting Aptos run their nodes in Google Cloud as well as hosting a hackathon together. This enables secure and sustainable infrastructure for developers within the Aptos network. Google intends to be the bridge between Web2 and Web3 through their BigQuery. 

We will definitely keep an eye on this subject further. To be continued!