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Apple Vision Pro

- The Vision Pro establishes itself as the leader in the metaverse, surpassing Meta's offerings.

Apple announced Vision Pro, an augmented reality headset, at the very end of their WWDC keynote this Monday, and they did not disappoint. “It’s the first Apple product you look through, and not at.” - Tim Cook. Now the whole world is looking at you, Apple.

Apple is entering a new product category with the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality and augmented reality headset that looks like ski goggles. It is set to be released in early 2024, priced at $3,500. It is uncommon for Apple to announce a product so far in advance, but this early launch provides developers with time to create applications for this platform. The technology behind this seems incredible, with being able to its eyes, hands and voice only functions.

A few of its functions

It has five sensors, 12 cameras, and a dedicated 4K display for each eye, providing a high-resolution visual experience. The headset's internal computer is equipped with a fan for efficient cooling. Apple has named the headset mask as the "Light Seal" and the strap as the "Head Band”.

The interface of the Vision Pro transcends traditional boundaries and becomes your entire immersive world, known as VisionOS. Instead of a confined interface, every visual aspect becomes a canvas for a rectangular window. Within your field of view, you can have multiple elements such as your work screen, a Pinterest board, and Netflix, each occupying 3D space without the constraints of one physical screen. You can interact with these elements by selecting, resizing, and moving elements using just your hands, eyes and voice, without needing controllers.  

The Vision Pro incorporates a front screen known as EyeSight, acting as your digital eyes. This feature enables others to see your eyes when they interact with you, simulating a natural conversation. Similar to the way people avoid making eye contact if they are busy, your eyes remain hidden on the screen when you are fully engaged in content.  

If someone needs to get your attention while your eyes are hidden, they can approach you closely and trigger this EyeSight function. They then become visible within your headset, and your eyes become visible to them. This integration of various technologies led to Apple filing numerous patents, approximately 5,000 of them.  

Aiming to be superior

The Vision Pro establishes itself as the leader in the metaverse, surpassing Meta's offerings, even at a higher price point (price of Meta Quest Pro: $1,499). Apple even announced their collaboration with Disney when CEO, Bob Iger, promised with Tim Cook on stage a great partnership with Apple. It will be difficult for Meta to keep up with the entertainment focus that Apple is driving. It is almost like Apple are distancing themselves from Meta to avoid comparison, as they are aiming to be superior.  

It is surprising how immersed the technology is. The Vision Pro is a standalone hardware which does not require other Apple devices to be connected. Some may say that they are disrupting their own hardware. However, there is probably more to this that time will show, as we know Apple is genius when it comes to selling products.

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tim cook of apple using vr glasses that looks like ski goggles. he is on the mountain skiing and having fun. the ski goggles are white with blue and seathrough glass and are big. he is wearing ski outfit is orange and red. you can see his whole figure and his skiis sliding through the snow downhill on a slope. You see him from the side, he is smiling

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