Martin Bentzen
January 24, 2023

Democratization is key for the future of business

It is not only the trends we need to understand - fundamentals in business will change!

After reading the inspiring trend reports from distinguished individuals and establishments in the international business world they cover most of the important topics. It is clearly important to understand the distinctive trends like Machine Learning, AI, Quantum Computing, DAOS, Sharing Economy, Diversity, ESG, Blockchain, WEB3, DEFI, Crypto and the Geopolitical Landscape.

These essential trends are all important recognizing to be able navigating and realize the opportunity to ensure the business to flourish in the years to come. We believe though because of all these important trends, new generation thinking and technologies – a more fundamental shift in how value will be distributed in the business world will evolve.

With humbleness and respect, we believe that one trend is undercommunicated in the above-mentioned reports and that is democratization.

Democratization in the future of business is central. We truly believe, in a broader sense, that the value users create should be shared with the equal users.

One example and area of relevance is the social media platforms. Today only the, very few, big professional influencers or creators is incentivized because of their effort. The rest of the value created by the general users goes to the very few that has the capital or position to own shares in these companies.

If we take the big players with established platforms that has a world domination such as ByteDance (Tik Tok),, Inc., Meta, Inc. (Facebook) and Alphabet Inc. (Google) they all have incredible financial success due to the engaged users they attract to use their platforms. Overall, the value of users for these companies is significant, as they generate a large portion of their revenue from advertising and sales to their user base.

Without the engagement, creativity, the vast amount of time spent and loyalty of the users on these platforms the value of these platforms would be close to nothing for the shareholders.

We believe the new generation growing up to being more conscious consumers will claim that the value they bring with engagement, time and energy should be appreciated.

With this fundamental shift in mind and all the Technology that can facilitate this to happen we believe that several of the Global top 100 companies in 5-10 years’ time will be community owned and have a business model where the user will be incentivized.

In Klein Group we already invest in and are building companies with this in mind.

Democratization is key for the future of business!

- Martin Bentzen – CEO in Klein Group AS

Democratization is key for the future of business

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